left to right: Jens Feldermann, Matthias Koch, Marc Laukel, Frank Becker, Thomas Türling

last revisited April 11, 2008

Greetings, everybody. This is Matthias, former guitarist in Telltalehard.

What's going on here?

In late 2004, by coincidence I noticed a considerable amount of hits on my webserver resulting in 404 replies (file not found error). Investigating this, I found out that there seem to be one or two baaadly broken DNS servers/mirrors around that haven't been updating their caches for over a year! As a result, the domain telltalehard.de/.com, actually closed in 2003, appears to be still there from some networks, and seems to be reachable. I've talked to the people at my upstream and they agree that this is the only reasonable explanation for this strange phenomenon.

This, too, means that there are still some people around that are searching for our site and have read or heard from our music.

So here's a page for those people... though they possibly won't find what they are looking for.

As most of the requests come from Baltic and Scandinavian netblocks, everything's written in English.

What's the state of things in late 2004?

Plain and simple, Telltalehard is down for good. The band split up in a slow process from May to July 2002. After an extended period of inactivity, drummer Jens Feldermann blew his top and quit. Not on all too friendly terms, I guess, but I'm not mad with him and possibly his decision was the best he could make. As he pointed out, he intended to play music and that was what not happened at this time. I haven't seen him or heard of him since then, I hope he's still playing drums. He's a quite young and talented guy, and it would definitely be a waste if he quitted playing.

The rest of the band slowly drifted apart later.

Marc Laukel and Tommy Türling are playing drums and bass in JAILBREAKER, an AC/DC tribute band. A project that's really going strong.

I haven't heard a lot from bass player Frank Becker - he seems to be jamming with a keyboarder we know from earlyer times.

Uwe Ruppel, friend and aux. drummer, is out there again - playing drums in a Iron Maiden cover band named Six-Six-Seven.

Myself, I've been playing bass guitar and in October 2003 joined Slam!, a not-really-cover-band in Marburg that takes care of well known rock and (don't laugh) pop/disco numbers from the 70's and 80's. A view on things from the heavier side, of course.

At this time, I'm working on new material (composing and pre-production status). Fragments and some basic recordings exist, but at this time I'm doing everything single-handed and some important decisions have not yet been made. At the end of this process a 4- or 5-track demo should emerge that will possibly contain athmospheric and psychedelic elements over a (guess what) metal-inspired background. As soon as I find more time for arranging and composing (both music and websites), I'll be putting up a page or subdomain under fjalar.de. Check this place for more information if you're interested.

As there still seems to be some interest in Telltalehard, mp3 files are available again. I'll set up a page with some info and pictures from then... meanwhile, tell me what you think via mail (webmaster -at- tth fjalar de - (please insert dots and @, I'm not risking again having  my inbox swamped with auto-generated junkmail) or sign my guestbook .

And - thank you very much for still caring about our music... cheers!

In December 2004
Matthias Koch


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